I'm Caroline

I empower women to regain their health and thrive through holistic coaching

I provide personalised health and transformation coaching for women diagnosed with long-term health conditions. Together, we break the cycle of exhaustion and burnout, so you can be the confident woman you aspire to be, living life on your own terms. Ready to transform your journey and thrive?

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I'm Caroline and I empower women through holistic coaching

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Mindset Mastery and Wellbeing Programme

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This group programme uniquely combines mindset transformation coaching with a dedicated focus on holistic wellbeing.

Mindset Transformation Programme

The Programme focuses on mindset transformation and learning to access your authentic female power as a gateway to wellbeing.

Health Transformation Programme

This 6-month programme combines health coaching, functional medicine work with mindset coaching to support ambitious women facing the growing challenges of long-term health conditions exacerbated by stress.

What People Are Saying

With her constant support, help and advice I started this diet a few weeks ago, and it’s actually been much easier than I had imagined, plus I feel so much better!”


I highly recommend Caroline for her professional expertise, her incredible listening skills and attention to detail and for encouraging me to keep going when I was ill


Caroline creates a safe and reflective space which allows for personal reflection, progression and growth and she always has a warm and encouraging manner.



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Integrative health coaching certificate

Functional medicine coaching training




AIP Coach Certification



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A postmortem of the past two years

A postmortem of the past two years

This blog post has been brewing in my head for quite a few weeks and really honestly, I have probably resisting writing it. Now, as I am learning in my new coaching course (more on this later), anything we resist is probably something we need to explore. What am I...

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Lemongrass and ginger meatballs

Lemongrass and ginger meatballs

I'm always looking for quick and easy recipes for a mid-week dinner.  This recipe ticks so many boxes.  It's quick and easy, it tastes great, and it's really healthy!  Let me introduce the super easy lemongrass and ginger meatballs! Very few ingredients One thing that...

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How to boost your immune system naturally

How to boost your immune system naturally

Because of the current medical climate, many are keen to be proactive and boost the immune system naturally.  This article outlines some things that you may want to do in order to increase your resilience against microbes.  It's important to know that a healthy immune...

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