Would you like to be pain free and full of energy?

One to one health coaching

Is this you?


Are you waking up exhausted regardless of how long and well you’ve slept?

Do you need to take painkillers on a daily basis just to make it to the end of the day?

Do you wish you could wake up pain-free and bursting with energy every morning?

Please let me reassure you, there is a way


Your body is the most efficient and resilient thing out there.  And if you give it what it needs, the messages or symptoms your body is giving you (aka the pain and lack of energy) will disappear.  It will be replaced with vitality and strength.

You may have tried it all

You probably saw your doctor and were offered medications.  You may have tried to go gluten free, vegan, eat raw foods only, drank celery juice every morning, taking supplements, started meditating, yoga, pilates… 

You may even have been told there is nothing more that can be done and that you’ll have to accept that it’s downhill from now on and you need to learn to live with it!

I know how you feel because this was me!


I have been in so much pain, I couldn’t hold my little boy’s hand to cross the road. 

I was so exhausted after a day at work, I was a cranky mum and I would crash on the sofa at 8pm after putting the kids to bed. 

The only solution offered to me were medications, with crazy side effects.  And they didn’t even work for me!

Caroline Lamont Health Coach

Now imagine...


Having enough energy to do the things you love, not just the things you have to do.

Running around in the park with your children, grand children or furry friends pain free and care free.

Going out for dinner with friends and staying awake past 9pm.

Staying in the job that you love.

I know these are choices you may have had to make…  until now

Restoring your health starts with me

 I work with people who suffer from complex chronic conditions who feel they never have enough energy, are always mostly in pain and have been told to accept their fate.  But they’re not willing to settle for this reality and want to give their all one more time.  I help my clients put all the pieces together, so they understand how to put their bodies back in balance so they can thrive again.

How does it work?


The first thing we will do is dive deep into your health history, leaving no stone unturned.  Every life event has a potential impact on your health, so we will go as far back as your birth to today.

The second thing is that you need to trust your body.  Believe in its strength and ability to get better, once it has been given the optimal conditions.

I will guide you along the way to understand these dynamics and putting in place a plan to help address them.

My wellness restoring programme


Health History

Detailed timeline from your birth to the present day (health and life events)

Comprehensive list of symptoms

Blood tests analysis (if available)

How long and where?

90-min session via video conferencing


Progress sessions

Review of the progress made in the previous fortnight

Presentation of labwork results (if undertaken)

Updated goals and strategies

How long and where?

60-min session, every 2 weeks via video conferencing.

How it works

Like the sound of it, but not sure it would work for you?

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What my clients have to say about working with me

Caroline supported me lowering my blood pressure. We were able to lower the prescribed medication dosage, with in 6 month, to half of the dosage. Caroline’s knowledge, curiosity and her way of analysing the way bodies function is thorough and opportune. Grateful!


What was most valuable was how Caroline explained the numbers, what they meant and indicated. I found that fascinating. The support I received in between sessions when I hit some obstacles was incredible.


I would like to highly recommend Caroline Lamont for her professional expertise, her incredible listening skills and attentiveness to detail and for encouraging me to keep going when I was ill.


Nutritional wellbeing made easy

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