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I would like to thank all my clients for their kind and supportive words

It has been a privilege to support every single one of my clients and to witness them regaining their energy and vitality after months and years of not feeling like themselves


Where do I start… I have possibly one of the most complicated medical histories… a lifetime of seemingly unrelated illnesses that amount to more than just bad luck. However, no one has ever thought about whether there is a link.

I have been working with Caroline for a few months and her approach has been gentle and caring but more importantly she has really listened in a way no other healthcare professional has done.  Her holistic approach is extremely thorough, and her research into each and every one of my symptoms, gave me a new found hope that perhaps I wasn’t always going to live with pain on a daily basis. Suspecting that all my conditions might be caused by an underlying and undiagnosed issue, she persuaded me to try the AIP/Paleo elimination diet to see whether food sensitivity may help with some, if not all of my symptoms.

Initially sceptical, I figured I had nothing to lose and with her constant support, help and advice I started this diet a few weeks ago. At first it was a bit hard getting my head around all the things I wasn’t allowed, and how to eat enough of the right foods, but her website has lots of recipes and she has guided me to a couple of great cook books and it’s actually been much easier than I had imagined. With the added bonus that I have lost some weight that I have been trying to shift for a couple of years!

I don’t think I really understood what “health coaching” meant and was worried that I was going to be guilt tripped into doing loads of things I didn’t really want to do (namely going to a gym!), but Caroline works with you and what is achievable, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to make changes to their health but doesn’t know where to start.



I decided to work with Caroline because she cares and knows her stuff. She also happens to be friendly, approachable and understanding.

I was in a lot of stress due to my exacerbation of eczema, tiredness, sluggishness and fluctuating thyroid levels and I did not want to be medicated and instead I wanted to find the root cause of the issues and find alternative ways to get my health back to an optimum level.

What was most valuable was how Caroline explained the numbers, what they meant and indicated. I found that fascinating. The support I received in between sessions when I hit some obstacles was incredible.

Because Caroline listened and paid attention, I felt really listened to and that made a huge difference. I feel so much better in myself, my energy level has increased, I sleep better, my mood has stabilised and I also eat better. My numbers are looking healthy too.

I never hesitated about working with Caroline and highly recommend her to work with. I couldn’t have got here without her help and support. She’s just amazing.



I can really recommend Caroline’s Health Coaching. So far I had a total of 5 sessions with Caroline. I always received a great summary via email afterwards addressing topics we discussed with valuable links to further resources and recipes. I decided to embark on the AIP journey and I really enjoyed this thanks to Caroline. Although I haven’t been formally diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease, the health benefits AIP- healing the gut- and reducing associated issues are easy to understand. Especially cutting out gluten, which I started with before properly following AIP, seemed to eliminate my frequent headaches. As a nice side effect of AIP I lost 8kg in 6 weeks as weight is the result of an imbalance in the body. Eating 9 portions of vegetables a day means you are never hungry when adding protein to every meal as well. Despite eliminating a lot I never craved any of the non-AIP food. 
Caroline was always there with great advice. I highly recommend to make Caroline part of your health journey.


I went to Caroline to see if I could regulate my hormones and give me back some energy after having covid in March 2020. We did some blood tests and found that I had a slightly slow thyroid and wasn’t taking up the nutrients from my food properly. Caroline’s analysis went much deeper than anything a GP would have the capacity for. Whilst none of the findings were catastrophic, Caroline’s analysis really helped me understand where some small gaps were contributing to my lack of wellbeing. 

As a cook I already had a good diet and so whilst no major changes were needed, Caroline devised some simple tweaks to increase certain nutrient rich foods in my diet and suggested a few supplements where I needed some extra help. In only a few weeks I am feeling so much more balanced and energised and have already reached my goal of getting up earlier than the kids to have some time to myself for exercise. Only a couple of months ago this would have seemed impossible! 
Its been fascinating and empowering to be able to take charge of my health and I am so happy to have had Caroline’s support through it. I am in my mid 40’s and now feel much more set up for my late 40’s and beyond knowing that I am doing the best for myself and my health. It’s also quite nice to know that the money I spend on lovely ingredients and time I spend cooking them are having real benefit again! It’s an investment in my health that I can’t recommend enough.


I began working with Caroline last year and we got to work immediately on addressing my health concerns and conducting a lifestyle overview. Even though I have lived in my body for 39 years and thought I knew it pretty well, I was truly amazed at the things Caroline picked up on in our first session alone. Having completed a fairly detailed health questionnaire before our initial consultation, Caroline was able to recognise some fairly destructive patterns in my life. But although they were literally staring me in the face, I just couldn’t see them! 
What I really appreciated about Caroline’s approach was that it was considered and encouraging; she didn’t just say: “well it’s obvious that such and such is out of kilter” but rather she asked questions of me and coaxed me into identifying the problems and finding the solutions for myself. This approach meant that I could learn things about myself and the ways in which I could to improve my health, in a safe environment. 
After each session, Caroline provides me with a detailed summary of what we discussed and outlines plans that we made to help me move forward. These emails are jam-packed with ideas for helping me achieve my health goals and I return to them time and time again to keep myself on track. Caroline’s recipes have never failed to disappoint me either – you just have to give them a go! 
Thank you Caroline for helping me identify the many ways I can improve my health and wellbeing!


I would like to highly recommend Caroline Lamont for her professional expertise, her incredible listening skills and attentiveness to detail and for encouraging me to keep going when I was ill.

I didn’t really believe that it would make such a difference when I approached Caroline but I was desperate.  I had suffered with ulcerative colitis for more than 20 years, on and off but in 2018, I suffered one of the worst flares I had ever experienced.  I was struggling to sleep through the night, needing to go to the loo with very little warning, in pain and bleeding.  It was affecting my life, physically and emotionally.  We live near the sea but I was scared to walk along the beach with our young girls as there was no cover if I needed to suddenly go to the loo.  I was anaemic, losing hair and scared.

One night, when I was awake and researching again for help of some sort to deal with the illness, I found Caroline’s website greatingreatout.com and I contacted her. 

From the moment we spoke, I realised what a difference it makes to have someone to talk to, who can empathise because they have suffered from an autoimmune illness, and have a young family, but someone who also has the medical expertise to offer solutions.  I appreciated the methodical holistic approach and time spent in between calls to trial options.

I learnt so much about the condition my body was in and neither needed to depend on conventional medicines nor exclude them.  I felt confident to walk step by step through a range of suggestions from Epsom salt baths to increase my magnesium levels to specific blood tests to see what was actually going on. 

Now, I feel in control and the symptoms have stopped.  Working with Caroline was a joy and really I can’t recommend highly enough being treated by Caroline.  I do feel confident now in my own journey of healthy living but partly because I know that I can return to Caroline for help in the future.  Many thanks Caroline – you are an inspiration.


I enjoyed working with Caroline enormously. She is positive, supportive and really fun to spend time with – she has joie de vivre in bucketloads!  I feel confident she would be able to  help someone with severe health problems but she’s also a go-to person if something doesn’t feel right and you cant work out yourself what it is. Her recommended way of eating is a joy in a world of deprivation diets and she will take you by the hand to achieve better health and a more harmonious relationship with food. Part life-coach, part therapist, part nutritionist – I can’t recommend Caroline more highly and I miss spending time with her now our sessions have ended. 

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