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Health and wellbeing in the workplace

Is your organisation negatively impacted by the poor physical and mental health of your staff? Are you concerned about the amount of sick leave your employees take?

Would you like to find out how you can support your workforce so they can feel great and perform at their highest level?

Progressive employers know employees wellbeing is best practise

I have been where your employees are.  Where all my energy was spent on ‘getting the job done’.  To the detriment of my health.  And ultimately to the detriment of my performance.

As this is what it bogs down to.  Healthy employees make happy employees.  And happy employees are good business.  They are more productive, they have more ideas and they are more loyal. And they become great ambassadors when you’re trying to recruit.  And as I heard recently by a progressive employer, “we do this because this is the right thing to do” [not just because it’s good business].  Are you ready to do the right thing?

Service Features

Keynote presentations

The easiest and requiring the least planning, I give short presentations designed to inspire teams to make simple changes to benefit their health.  I will tailor my presentations to the organisation and happy to dig deeper into specific topics.

A typical presentation

As an example, I will cover the following:

  • What to minimise, maximise, and prioritise to directly improve their health and wellbeing
  • How they can improve the way they eat to reduce the impact of stress on their digestion and gut health and thereby nutrition
  • What two universal truths anyone can apply to their diet to sustain their mental wellbeing


Whilst the principles of achieving health and wellbeing are simple, putting it into practice is easier said than done. I offer multiple workshops and individual or group coaching to help your employees learn and take action to achieve full energy and performance.

Workshops I offer

  • What to eat: forget the fads, let’s bust some myths
  • Self-care: why looking after number 1 is so crucial
  • Reinventing the biscuit tray: create a healthy work environment and culture
  • Enhancing your work environment and creating positive feelings with essential oils


The most involved service I provide

I offer both individual and group coaching (4 to 5 people), where employees are able to work with myself to establish and implement health habits.  I specifically support people with autoimmune conditions.  Do you know how many of your employees suffer in silence?  I can help them regain physical and mental performance in as little as 6-weeks.

Coaching programmes

I recommend minimum 6 sessions, fortnightly.

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