Here you will find a few freebies…  well, as of now, 1…  but it’s a good one.  More to come in the future

The delicious and simple way to eat 9 portions of vegetables a day

How adding more vegetables to your diet can be so health transforming.

Vegetables should be at the core of anyone’s diet.  Whatever eating ‘philosophy’ you adhere to, vegetables should be what you build your diet around. Yet, this is both misunderstood and difficult to achieve and maintain for most people.

In this guide, I share my top tips for increasing your daily intake of vegetables and create a life-long habit. The best health food you can eat is tasty food, so you are happy to eat it for the rest of your life. I hope with this guide I will bust the myth that healthy food is boring and bland and you’ll be inspired to eat more vegetables!

Free Vegetable challenge

Periodically, I’ll run this free vegetable challenge.  You can find out more by clicking here.  I will provide you with 5 tasks to do across 5 days (you choose when you do them), which will take you to eating 9 portions of vegetables in one day on the last day.  There are additional challenges that make it more fun.  And you can earn points and the overall winner wins a free health history with me!

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