What I Do

I am a functional medicine health coach. 

As a coach, I support people to make changes to their lifestyle and nutrition which will bring amazing changes to their health and wellbeing.  As a functional medicine practitioner, I am concerned with getting to the root causes of people’s conditions or lack of vitality and wellbeing.  Read more about whom I help here

My Services

I offer a variety of services, from 1-2-1 coaching, to workshops for local communities and corporations.

All my services are bespoke, because each person or organisation is unique.  No plan is the same.  Read more about what it’s like to work with a functional medicine practitioner here

The Power of Coaching

As a health coach, I support my clients in making major lifestyle changes.  There are not short-term changes for short-term results.  My clients create new habits, that will serve them for life.  But the results they get are phenomenal.  You can read my clients’ testimonials here

I use classic and proven coaching techniques.  Coaching focuses on empowering clients to take responsibility for their own health.  My clients work with me to establish achievable goals, adapted to the their life circumstances.  As the coaching programme progresses, this usually amounts to a complete overhaul, which is only successful as it is is implemented step by step.  As a health coach, I have a distinct role in that I focus on behavioural changes, to achieve profound and long-lasting well-being.

The power of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine focusses on getting to the root causes of one’s conditions.  Every person’s condition has different root causes.  And I combine your health history and symptoms with blood tests results and state-of-the-art functional tests (not always required) and together with you, we puzzle-piece potential root causes to your condition.  Over the weeks, we work together to address these.  You can start getting relief from pain and fatigue within a few short weeks and remission may be in your sight within a few months.  How long you choose to work with me is your choice.  It can be a few sessions or you may prefer to have my support for longer.

Nutritional wellbeing made easy

Book your free 30-min consultation here, to know how I can help you and if we're a good match to work together

Functional medicine health coaching

Functional medicine draws on the natural power of our bodies to be well and heal itself.  Using coaching techniques, in-depth health information, detailed symptom tracker and functional labwork (optional), I help my clients uncover the points of imbalance which have resulted in less than optimal function.

Workshops and talks


I run workshops focussing on powerful but simple wellbeing techniques and how life changing these techniques can be.   The main subjects I cover are nutrition, self-care techniques and essential oils.  

Corporate services


I provide services to corporations who want to actively support their employees wellbeing.  From keynote talks to practical workshops, the formats are focussed on driving change and action from participating staff.

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