Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about the autoimmune protocol?  Find some answers below

Who is it for?

Anyone with a chronic illness such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, but chronic conditions such as

– chronic pain (headaches, joint or muscular pain)

– digestive discomfort (such as IBS symptoms, chronic bloating or reflux)
– food allergies or sensitivities
– asthma
– hair loss
– skin conditions such as Eczema
– cannot lose weight
– if you generally do not feel full of energy
you may find this programme highly beneficial!

How much is the investment?

The Silver membership is £49 per month, so £147 for the 3 months.

The Gold membership is £99 per month, so £297 for the 3 months. 

Fees are payable monthly, at the start of the month.


When will it run?

It will run for 90 days, from April 19th to July 19th 2021

When will the sessions happen?

The content will be released every Monday morning

The Facebook lives will change time during the week, to accommodate different diaries, some sessions will run at lunchtime, others in late afternoon.  They will happen either on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

For the Group coaching sessions, they will run at lunchtime on Thursdays.


How many participants will there be?

The Gold membership will be limited to 8 participants.

The Silver membership will be limited to 30 participants.

Should fewer than 4 people sign up for the Gold programme, Great In Great Out reserves the right to cancel the programme.  All fees will be reimbursed in this eventuality

What if I miss a session?

You will benefit the most from participating to the sessions live.  However, life happens and all the sessions will be recorded and available on Facebook and Google Drive for the Zoom calls (group coaching sessions)

What will happen during the sessions?

The Facebook lives will be Q&A sessions, so you can run through any of the content for the week or any burning question.

The Zoom calls for the Gold members will be coaching sessions and we will run your health goals, the plans and tactics to put in place to achieve these goals and your progress towards these goals

What will I actually have to do?

The nutrition aspect of the programme will focus on an elimination diet.  This is a protocol where we eliminate all the foods that can be problematic to people with a compromised immune system – usually the case with autoimmune conditions or other inflammatory symptoms such as chronic pain.  These foods may cause inflammation (an immune response), which may be what is causing pain or some of the symptoms you experience. 

You can get tested for food allergies and sensitivities, but these tests are not fully reliable and they are also pricey.  After at least 4 weeks of full compliance (no cheating), you can “test” your immune system by reintroducing the eliminated foods and identify any reactions.
It’s a thorough protocol which has been implemented – successfully – by thousands of people.

This feels like too big a change / programme and I’m not sure that I have time

People who have followed a similar programme (myself included) have had positive results very quickly (less pain, better sleep, more energy, and many more positives).  This is a great opportunity to work with me, an experienced coach, who can provide you with loads of short cuts to implement the programme.  

I promise you, you will enjoy it, all my clients have, because I make it easy(ier), fun and delicious.  If you are willing to invest a little bit of time (less social media or TV maybe), you will reap massive rewards.

What will I eat?

This programme does require a little investment in time when it comes to cooking.  However, I will offer you many tools and ideas to make it as easy as possible to transition to a new way of eating.

We will gradually cut out things like gluten and other grains, dairy, eggs, soya, nuts & seeds, refined sugar and if you are not vegetarian, legumes and pulses.  Also, we will reduce alcohol & caffeine and cut out all ultra-processed foods (anything in a packet with more than 5 ingredients).

 Your diet will focus on meat & fish (or legumes if you are vegetarian), vegetables and fruits.

The strict elimination phase will last 6 weeks and at the end of the programme, we will start reintroducing foods to test your immune system.


My kids and/or partner hate vegetables and there is no way I can feed them this / cook 2 meals each night...

I hear you…  it took my kids some time to get used to eating a lot of vegetables.  I’ll say a few things on this subject: 
  1. children will not learn to love vegetables until they are offered vegetables to eat.  It is likely their experience of vegetables (like most) are bland, over cooked, uninspired side dish of broccoli.  This will not be it!  
  1. your family will benefit from eating more vegetables.  But you can easily create meals that are “modular” with an extra side of pasta or rice to be served with the meat & vegetables you’ll be eating.  

How Do I Get Started?

Free 30 Min Chat

I get it, it’s potentially a big commitment.  I offer a 30-min free call to chat about whether this is the right programme for you

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