Why I will stop being softly spoken when talking about the power of diet and lifestyle to achieve remission from chronic diseases!
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Keeping my own journey to myself, till now

When mentioning how the way I choose to live my life (in terms of diet & lifestyle) has allowed me to put the AID* I suffer from into remission, I am always quite reserved.  I certainly don’t force my opinion on people about this.  And the reason is that I’m nervous.  I’m nervous to be challenged, to be told that it doesn’t work or that it’s too hard.  And I’d rather not waste my energy trying to convince people who might take years that we’ve been misled by big pharma / big agro / big food.

My inspiration

Last night, I read an article from Dr Terry Wahls, one of the doctors I credit for changing my life and health outcome.

In this article, Dr Wahls mentioned how the US National MS Society banned Dr Wahls from speaking at conferences.   Because she was providing ‘false hope’ to MS patients.  Yet, 7 years on (able to walk, after being wheelchair bound for years), she is a celebrated hero.  Not only she put the MS she suffers from into remission, but she’s helped thousands achieve the same feat.  And she’s received several research grants to undertake large scale medical trials.

It is real, it delivers results

So no, this wasn’t a fluke, this is real.  Diet and lifestyle can put MS and other AIDs into remission (not cure – you can’t turn off autoimmunity). Dr Wahls is the proof, I am the proof and so are thousands of other followers of AIP / Wahls Protocol.  Actually diet and lifestyle are the solutions to most if not all chronic diseases we are all slowly dying of.

But it doesn’t mean it is easy.  It requires dedication and some would say sacrifice.  But would see it this way, if it gives you back your health and energy?  Would you rather live a healthy pain free life full of energy or have a glass of wine and a piece of cheese?

So expect to hear more from me on this.  No more softy softy approach, I will shout loud and clear, diet and lifestyle can save you from a life of ill-health, pain and misery!

And earlier this month, the Institute of Functional Medicine** awarded Dr Wahls the lifetime achievement award.  The 2018 Linus Pauling Award was presented to her for her work as a physician, researcher, teacher, and patient advocate.


*AID: Auto-Immune Disease

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