Eating Healthily at University Workshop

How to create tasty, healthy and quick cooked-from-scratch meals

More of this…

Less of that!

Hosted by Caroline Lamont

Eating healthily may not be the top priority for young adults, who may find themselves living alone for the first time.

This workshop is designed to give the participants a head start, with some information, tips and tricks to empower them to make smart choices when it comes to nutrition

During this 3-hour workshop, you will learn


Basics of nutrition: how to create a balanced plate of food


Basics of preparation – this is a hands-on session, with actual cooking (and eating)

  • Salads: you mean there are other options than lettuce, tomato & cucumber?
  • Salad dressings: what? salad dressing doesn’t come out of a bottle?
  • Vegetable preparation: what the heck do I do with a cauliflower and so much more?
  • One bake trays: really, I can sit and watch telly whilst my dinner is cooking?

Healthy cooking on a budget: what a £20 weekly budget can get you


Importance of nutrition: get the most out of your studies by building a key foundation to health


Hosted in your own home

3-hour workshop, followed by lunch or early dinner

Menu can be tailored to most food allergies and preferences


£49 per person (min 4 people) – includes all ingredients (except drinks) provided by myself

10 + 8 =

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