One to one health coaching

Details and pricing

What is health coaching?

As a health coach, I support my clients in making major lifestyle changes.  And they are not short-term changes for short-term results.  My clients create new habits, that will serve them for life.

As a functional medicine practitioner, I am concerned with helping my clients identify the root causes of their conditions.  My clients may have had a diagnosis of a chronic condition, such as an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and many others.  Or they may simply not feel right: lack of energy, chronic pain, poor sleep, excessive weight resistant to weight loss, PMS, adult acne, allergies, etc.


What to expect during a programme?

Every client starts to work with me with an extensive health history.  It includes a timeline of events and symptoms from your birth to the present time, a comprehensive list of symptoms and a series of questions.  And I will ask for any blood test results available.  Even if your doctor told you “everything is fine”, I ask for a copy, as I look at markers in a different way.  Doctors are looking for disease, I’m looking for function: are your markers optimal for health?

Depending on the severity of your condition and/or symptoms, I may recommend some functional testing.  These tests are highly sophisticated tests, only available privately.  This is an additional cost and it is totally optional.  However, it can accelerate your recovery, by giving us some information quickly.


Why do I recommend a 6-month programme

Often, people with chronic conditions who have not felt well for many months or years will likely need a number of sessions to identify and implement the strategies that will get them well.  If it took you years to feel unwell, it will take months (or more) to heal. 

Also it is likely a number of changes will be required across multi-discipline.  Hence why this is called holistic or integrative health coaching.  We will touch on nutrition, sleep, stress management, mindset, exercise.  And these cannot be addressed in a couple of sessions.

During a programme, I meet my clients every 2 weeks.  This ensures that:

  • enough time for the education and coaching to happen around specific subject matters
  • that the changes are implemented in a staggered manner, to avoid overwhelm (which is stressful and would be counter productive) and ensure that you have time to establish your new habits.

Service Features


Health History


Detailed timeline from your birth to the present day (health and life events)

General questions about your lifestyle & current nutrition

Comprehensive list of symptoms

Blood tests analysis (if available)

How long and where?

90-min session via video conferencing


Progress sessions


Review of the progress made in the previous fortnight

Update on symptoms

Presentation of labwork results (if undertaken)

Updated tactics and goals

How long and where?

55-min session, every 2 weeks via video conferencing.

6-month programme (1 health history and 11 follow up sessions) – £1700

Payment terms

Payable monthly


Nutritional wellbeing made easy

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